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PAL backing boards are ideal for the substitution of paper boards and offer the following advantages:

Sturdyness: When used with any packaging, PAL backing boards provide stability, helping your product retain its shape, making it more appealing to consumers

Increased Shelf life: Their well-studied formulation enables your product to remain fresh for longer, by preventing the reproduction of bacteria, unlike paper boards, which would otherwise downgrade the product fast. This also greatly minimizes the chance of your product becoming unsuitable for consumption before its Best Before Date.

Vertical display of your product: Their rigid structure enables your products to be displayed both vertically and horizontally.

PAL backing boards are available in various colors in order to enhance the appearance of your product as required: Either by creating a nice color contrast or by being invisible through exact matching of the color of your product.

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FOAM PAD 180x135mm 040.000808 180mm 135mm 2.5mm PS foam