If you have a different product which we are not producing at the moment we can create a custom solution. We can also design and produce a new packaging item for your product. Solutions can include new shapes, colours, or even some other properties. We follow these steps:

  • — Create product requirement sheet
  • — Provide cost estimations
  • — Design 3D drawings
  • — Make a sample using 3D prototyping
  • — Create a sample tool
  • — Get final approval
  • — Begin mass production


We have provided several solutions for special local and international customers needs. A few notable cases are presented below in the case studies section of our website. Among other projects we take pride in having offered our customers and partners practical, robust, efficient and cost effective solutions for the following:

  • — Absorbent trays for BDF machines
  • — MAP boards for smoked salmon
  • — EPS discs for frozen pizza
  • — Specialty trays for medical applications
  • — Specialty trays for institutional catering
  • — Ultra heavy duty bakery trays